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Investor Information

Persevere Lending (PL) is a California Corporation, specializing in the brokerage of privately funded mortgage transactions for real estate in Northern California, primarily in the greater Bay Area.


Trust Deed investing, also known as “private” or “hard” money, is a niche alternative investment vehicle which offers an attractive return with the security of a Deed of Trust lien on the real estate collateral.


Various types of collateral include; single-family residential, all types of commercial, and improved land.  This form of real estate lending is considered non-conventional, as it is not administered or serviced by a traditional lending institution or bank.  Rather, the beneficiaries of the loans are private individual investors.  PL acts as the intermediary between our investors and borrowers and is the subsequent servicer of the loan. 


PL solicits loan requests directly from individual or entity borrowers. We are also inundated with referral submissions. Referral sources include; commercial real estate brokers, wholesale mortgage brokers, retail mortgage bankers, and Realtors. A portion of our clients have experienced traumatic economic distress which has affected their credit rating and ability to borrower money from banks. We can assist these borrowers on a case-by-case basis as long as the loan we are providing them is on an extremely low-leveraged property, based on a conservative valuation. This is truly equity or collateral-based lending. A much larger percentage of our borrowers are extremely credit-worthy and financially sound.

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