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Why use Private Lending?

Privately funded loans are more expensive for the borrower than traditional, bank financing, however, there are many benefits such as:

  1. Speed: Private loans can close in a fraction of the time it takes a bank loan to close. This is important for critical and/or opportunistic situations.

  2. Efficiency:  We do not require redundant, tedious and often times unnecessary documentation. Our underwriting is transparent and logical, two characteristics often times not found in institutional underwriting!

  3. Direct Service: There is no loan committee. We can issue loan approvals upon a site inspection in most cases. We either act as or deal directly with the capital source.

  4. Flexible Terms: We understand that these loans are designed to be interim solutions, and will not impose difficult and constraining terms.

  5. Creativity: We have vision and are not bound by banking restraints. We look forward, not backwards. Cross-collateralization, blanket mortgages, and interest reserves are just a few of the creative ways private money loans can unlock the potential of your real estate asset.

  6. Bankruptcy and Foreclosure bailouts: Past issues are not as relevant as current collateral value and equity strength. A poor borrower in the banks' eyes can be a great borrower for us.

  7. No Verification Issues: Many self-employed, entrepreneurial borrowers who do not document their true income capacity on their tax return are being shut out by banks due to verification guidelines. Good borrowers with strong credit, assets, and cash flow are having a difficult time getting a loan. We do not have cumbersome debt-to-income ratio requirements. If we can substantiate the equity and we feel comfortable with your ability to make the payments and ultimately pay the loan off, we will provide a loan for you.

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