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Loan Submission Packet

Applying for a loan?

Please provide these required documents for our underwriting purposes:

All loans:

  • Thoroughly completed application (Download)

  • Occupancy Declaration (Download)

  • Insurance declaration for all proposed collateral

  • Certificate of Loan Purpose (Download)

  • If Owner-occupied Business Purpose loan, Handwritten and video certification (Download)

For acquisitions:

  • Ratified purchase contract

For refinances:

  • Most recent mortgage statement

  • Lease agreements if tenant occupied


For standalone 2nd's & Bridge Loans with existing debt:

  • Most recent mortgage statement(s) 

  • Copy of the Note(s)

If the borrower is an entity: 

  • Entity organizational documents

  • Personal Guarantor(s) PFS (Download)

For construction loans:

  • Scope of work 

  • Draw Schedule 

  • Plans/Specs

  • Permits

  • GC Contract 

  • Contractor's Builders risk policy

  • Contractor's worker's comp policy 

  • Contractor's liability policy 

  • Construction Budget (Download)

  • Completed Contractor Profile (Download)

  • Contractor's/Builder's License 

  • Photo of Contractor’s Driver’s License

  • Contractor’s W9 

  • Point of Contact for inspections (Name, Phone, Email)

Securely upload documents with sensitive information here, and notify that you have done so.

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