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We know finding the best Hard Money Lender in the SF Bay Area can be difficult, so we put together this detailed list of the best of the best so you can make your decision wisely.  Each lender offers various programs to choose from to suit their client’s needs. Each offers everything from Jumbo Loans to Lines of Credit to Rehab & Construction loans. This list of amazing San Francisco-based private money lenders is ever-changing and expanding, so please check back often. If you find another location that should be listed here - or one that should be removed - please let us know!


About: Persevere Lending specializes in brokerage privately funded mortgage transactions for real estate in Northern California, primarily in the greater Bay Area. It maintains very rigid underwriting guidelines that serve as safeguards for their transactions and mitigate as much risk as possible. Located in Danville, California, they serve clients throughout the Bay Area, California and beyond.


Loans Offered: Jumbo Loans exclusively for high-end California & Tennessee properties; Bridge Loans for homeowners who are ready to purchase a new property but need the proceeds from the sale of their existing home; Rehab & Construction Loans for investors who are adding value to the subject property and want to leverage the existing and/or projected equity as opposed to coming out of pocket for the improvements; Lines of Credit that gives you the flexibility and financing power you need to access capital strategically and efficiently in order capitalize on your investment opportunities.


Persevere Lending’s streamlined underwriting process allows investors to capitalize on lucrative opportunities that otherwise would not be available to them through conventional financing sources.

What Makes them Different: Persevere Lending offers strategic, creative, and efficient loan programs for residential and commercial properties and land in select locations. They offer exceptional rates and terms, are incredibly experienced, and have a strong investor presence in all Bay Area counties. Their team is licensed and active statewide in California and Tennessee and has broker alliances in Hawaii, Nevada, Oregon, Colorado, Washington, Idaho, Alabama, Texas, New York, and Florida.



About: Chris Mason and America's Home Loans are the go-to choice for real estate financing. Their commitment to outstanding communication, support, and follow-through make them a preferred option among buyers and investors alike - making it no wonder that most of their business comes from satisfied clients' referrals! No matter where you call home in California, Chris Mason can help with remote mortgage services; those located around El Cerrito also enjoy personal attention at one of their local offices throughout the East Bay or San Francisco Bay Area. With this top notch service provider on your side every step of the way until closing day is done - what more could anyone ask for?


Loans Offered: Veterans looking to become homeowners now have the opportunity to purchase at a much more affordable rate thanks to U.S Department of Veterans Affairs-guaranteed loans which offer low interest rates and manageable down payments. Making this dream possible for those who served their country. America's Home Loans offers an FHA-backed mortgage, ensuring you'll be in safe hands with the Federal Housing Administration protecting your loan. Get a reliable and trusted solution to fulfill all of your housing needs.

What Makes Them Different: Shopping for a mortgage can often be daunting, with multiple financial institutions offering various rates and terms. America's Home Loans helps take the hassle out of this process by connecting home buyers and investors directly to lending sources – no middleman required! With their experienced brokers providing top-tier service, it's not surprising why clients are loyal forevermore!



About: LBC Capital is your premier source for hard money real estate financing in California. Their quick turnaround times, competitively priced loans and no hidden fees make them the perfect loan partner when you need fast access to capital. By establishing long-term relationships with our clients through exceptional service, they are dedicated to helping investors reach their goals!

Loans Offered: Their experienced team provides tailored solutions, enabling you to leverage your residence or commercial property for business purposes. From refinances and renovations of owner-occupied properties all the way up to distressed repairs – they have got it covered. They have helped plenty of homeowners upgrade their properties to fetch the highest possible value in sales. With their convenient loans for improvement and repair, you can make your home transformation as easy and quick as ever!

What Makes Them Different: With LBC Capital's fix and flip investment purchase loans, you can close on a great rehab deal with the confidence of knowing that competitive fees, rates and terms are available. Find yourself leveraging high returns quickly using one of California’s fastest growing hard money loan lenders - making your investments simpler than ever before!



About: Wilshire Quinn is a premier San Francisco hard money lender, providing fast financing to real estate investors who are looking to make an impact in the city's cut-throat market. With loans up to $20 million and lightning quick turnaround times that beat traditional lenders, Wilshire Quinn helps ambitious entrepreneurs maximize their opportunities for success.


Loans Offered: Wilshire Quinn offers an alternative form of financing known as a hard money loan, providing borrowers with short-term access to the capital they need. Perfect for those who don't meet bank eligibility requirements or looking to secure permanent refinancing soon, these bridge loans have higher interest rates than conventional ones and last up to 18 months - never more than 60% of the appraised value of your property.

What Makes Them Different: At Wilshire Quinn, they fast-track the lending process with quick answers and speedy closings. As a direct San Francisco hard money lender, customers can expect rapid funding solutions for their loan needs!


About: Keith M. Tomao, who spent 20 fruitful years on Wall Street as a Managing Director of Goldman Sachs' Fixed Income Division, founded Conventus Holdings Corporation in 2015 with the vision to capitalize upon an underserved $25+ billion market for bridge loans - high yield investments with short durations frequently used by single and multifamily real estate investors. CHC has grown to become one of the leading loan origination companies in the country. This incredible success is due to a pairing of elements that focuses on creating an experience for customers - their  team's diverse backgrounds, skill-sets and expertise provides lightning fast customer service with competitive prices while always ensuring high quality talent!


Loans Offered: Conventus specializes in unique real estate transactions that many traditional lenders are not equipped to handle. Whether you’re looking for a cash-out refi loan on your residence, or need funds solely designated for business purposes – Conventus is here to help. For an added measure of convenience, they offer a short-term loan option that gives borrowers the flexibility to satisfy their obligations while arranging more secure financing.

What Makes Them Different: CHC has grown to become one of the leading loan origination companies in the country. This incredible success is due to a pairing of elements that focuses on creating an experience for customers - their  team's diverse backgrounds, skill-sets and expertise provides lightning fast customer service with competitive prices while always ensuring high quality talent.



About: Gene Foley, recognizing the untapped potential of his community in the 1950’s, made it possible for homeowners to access their hard-earned home equity. With flexible loans that were smaller and often costlier than traditional bank financing, Gene pioneered a new way to unlock housing value - forever changing how people accessed vital financial assistance they needed during tough times. Gene kicked off his entrepreneurial journey by starting E. F. Foley & Co., a Hard Money Lender business in Willow Glen's Lincoln Avenue district. He was determined to ensure that local businesses and families had access to secure housing loans, while also offering savvy investors the chance for financial stability through investing opportunities at reasonable rates of return.


In 1989, the Foley family made a fresh start. E.F. Foley & Co., Inc left their Willow Glen office and set up shop on The Alameda, with Pam--Gene's daughter-in-law -- joining them as loan officer after several years of service to the company. After a decades-long legacy in the industry, Gene Foley passed on his namesake business to Pam and son Mike. Since then these two have made outstanding efforts in shaping the modern day mortgage scene; from reverse mortgages that kept seniors safe during retirement, traditional fixed rates for those searching for long term stability and real estate sales when it all just had to be done yesterday. Even today with their renowned hard money loans there's nothing left of what used to drive prices up - only fractional costs remain!


Loans Offered: Foley Mortgage gives borrowers access to a range of mortgage financing solutions – from refinancing, home purchases and FHA/VA loans all the way through hard money options for real estate investors in need of quick funding. Whether it's an investment flip or rehab project, purchasing a small business property or settling trust funds on behalf of an estate probate; let them help guide you towards your financial goals!


What Makes Them Different: With Foley Mortgage, you can get the funds you're looking for without all of the hassle. They take a modern approach to underwriting so their loan conditions are tailored around your needs - not vice versa! Plus, all services are provided from one convenient San Jose office location, making borrowing straightforward and stress-free.


About: For over 30 years, Sun Pacific Mortgage has been helping Sonoma County homeowners achieve their real estate goals. Founded by the current Broker's parents in 1988, this family-run business provides alternate financing options to those who have been denied elsewhere and works with investors interested in gaining higher yields from investing in property.


Loans Offered: Jumbo Loans, Owner Occupied Home Loans, Bridge or Temporary Loans, Stated Income Loans, Investment Property Loans, Refinance With Hard Money, and Commercial Loans.

What Makes Them Different: With over 30 years in the business and hundreds of private money lenders at their fingertips, they are your go-to for home loan programs. Their experience combined with alternative financing options make them California’s premier source for residential real estate investments.



About: Equity Bridge Capital brings unparalleled expertise to the real estate market in California. Led by veteran Broker/Owner Art Gilberg, who has been a prominent figure in arranging financing and investing for over 30 years, they are your go-to resource when it comes to seizing opportunity or securing capital on all types of properties. Equity Bridge Capital provides real estate solutions for those seeking to make their property dreams a reality. Located in San Francisco, this company offers rapid access to private funds at competitive rates - allowing people the opportunity to unlock their own success stories.


Loans Offered: The company provides reliable bridge financing to help investors purchase investment real estate across California, as well as in certain other cities around the country. Enjoy peace of mind knowing you're getting top-notch financial aid when pursuing your property dreams.


What Makes Them Different: Equity Bridge Capital provides private capital solutions to those facing financing obstacles and needing the funds quickly. Spanning from $200k-10M+, their 1st and 2nd position loans on residential & commercial properties in the San Francisco Bay area allow for entrepreneurs, developers or borrowers to achieve goals like building construction projects, making competitive all cash offers or providing essential business injections of capital.



About: Amerinote Xchange, a San Francisco powerhouse, is your go-to for safe and secure purchasing of every kind of financial asset. From mortgage notes to loan portfolios to trust deeds - no contract or document related to the exchange of assets will be out of reach with Amerinote. 


Loans Offered: Mortgage Notes (1sts and 2nds), Mortgage Loan Portfolios, Non-Performing Mortgage Notes, Trust Deeds, Land Contracts, Contract for Deeds, Business Notes, and Chattel Mortgages.

What Makes Them Different: For the past 10 years, AX has been a leader in providing simple and satisfying solutions to those wishing to sell their mortgage or business notes. They guarantee an unparalleled experience for their customers with quick payouts so they can swiftly move on from financial obligations and free themselves of any burden that may be placed upon them.



About: Back in 2008, the financial crisis had left a gaping hole of unmet needs and underserved capital markets. In response to this challenge, their company quickly grew by focusing on two areas; helping those who were unable to find financing through traditional means as well as specializing in providing fast-funding solutions for short-term scenarios. 


Pacific Private Money is the premier provider of private consumer loans, making them a name to be reckoned with in the competitive capital market space. Their esteemed team has cultivated an enviable reputation for their exceptional speed and transparency, earning them recognition as one of today's fastest-growing organizations.


Loans Offered: Owner Occupied Loans, Bridge or Refinance, Construction, Commercial, and Non-Owner Occupied Acquisition & Rehab.

What Makes Them Different: Pacific Private Money Loans is the reliable, experienced solution for all your real estate loan needs. With over 2,000 loans since 2008 and commitment to hassle-free service, they are quickly becoming Northern California's premier private lender! Learn how Pacific can help you reach financial milestones today—no matter the size of your goals.



Are you Looking for a Hard Money Lender you Can Trust?

Persevere Lending, located in Danville, California, was founded with unwavering ethics and integrity. Our mission is to represent all our clients with the highest respect and accountability. We understand people's challenges and anxiety throughout their real estate financing process. We can help mitigate their stress and uncertainty by navigating them through the loan process concisely, professionally, and transparently.

Private real estate financing is designed for strategic and/or opportunistic capital requirements for borrowers unable to obtain traditional financing. Persevere Lending is dedicated to providing our borrower clients with creative, efficient, and effective loans. And providing our investor clients with superior underwriting and due diligence to assure consistent yields and capital preservation. Contact us today for your consultation!



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